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Bookkeeping shouldn’t be that difficult or time consuming


Bookkeeping services

A bookkeeping service can do much more than just document transactions. We want to start bookkeeping off on the right foot. The first task is to streamline processes and implement helpful software applications.


Payroll is quickly processed twice per month, bi-weekly or monthly based on your needs. Payroll deductions are remitted to the Receiver General or Revenu Quebec. No more penalties on late payroll remittances.


Ongoing Management of Finances

With a bookkeeping system in place, your bookkeeping services team can then manage the yearly or monthly finances of the business. This gives you the time and freedom to run your business and focus on the tasks that you do best. we prepare and file sales tax returns on time so you don’t pay late filing penalties as well as payroll related forms (WorkSafe, T4s, ROEs).

Financial Reports and Analysis

Financial reports are customized for each business. The information should be easily understood and useful to the business owner. We prepare Income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements every fiscal year as well as interim periods as needed. You’ll also always know the financial state of your business so you can take advantage of opportunities when they come your way.

Cloud based efficient system

An example of a cloud bookkeeping system

  • Point-of-sale terminal (Square, Clover)
  • Electronic receipt capture application (Receipt Bank)
  • Cloud-based bookkeeping software (QBO, Wave)

PayrollAn example of a cloud payroll system

The Cloud bookkeeping works like this:

  1. Sales are processed through Square
  2. Receipts are digitally captured with Receipt Bank
  3. Transactions are automatically imported into Xero
  4. Business performance is then analyzed and presented on monthly financial reports.

Payroll gets simplified:

  1. Payroll is quickly processed twice per month or bi-weekly via online portal.
  2. Employees are paid by direct deposit
  3. Payroll deductions are taken care of without penalties.
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